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A new regional strategy calls for modernization and transformation of the rice sector in Asia
Agricultural mechanization has recently become an emerging issue for Africa, while in many Asian countries the mechanization process started much earlier and it has accelerated since the late 1980s.
The Philippines’ poor transport infrastructure, along with weak logistics systems and low investments, have made fertilizer prices uneven across the country, causing inefficiencies in the fertilizer supply chain.

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The overall objective of the ASEAN Food Security Information System (AFSIS) project is to strengthen food security in the region through the systematic collection, analysis and dissemination of food security related information

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Source: Flickr (Divya Pandey/IFPRI)
27 January 2015 | Yifei Liu

Think of what might happen in India’s risk-prone eastern states, such as Bihar, Jharkhand, and Odisha, if the country’s leading companies saw opportunities to invest in agriculture. Think of how innovative, low-cost technologies for planting, input management, harvesting, and post-harvest loss protection might improve productivity and resilience to climate change.

23 September 2014 | Anonymous

The Asian experience with agricultural mechanization has been marked with major successes over the past four decades.