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The Pakistan Rural Household Panel Survey (PRHPS) 2013, Round 2 is the second round of the PRHPS; Round 1 was conducted in 2012.

Country Level Data

Household- and Community-level Surveys

Social Accounting Matrices

Household- and Community-level Surveys

The Statistics on Public Expenditures for Economic Development (SPEED) is among the most comprehensive and publicly available data sources for information on public expenditures.

Household- and Community-level Surveys

Household- and Community-level Surveys

Social Accounting Matrices

Data Analysis

With Stat Planet

An interactive mapping and data analysis tool which can be used to monitor a diversity of indicators over time across the region. In this tool you can download publicly available data from national, regional and international sources.

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ReSAKSS-Asia is established in collaboration with international organizations, donors, and local partner organizations in Asia.

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