The 2019 ReSAKSS-Asia Conference: Evolving Agrifood Systems in Asia


by Adam Kennedy

Asia is in the midst of a rapid nutrition transition where hunger and undernutrition exist side by side with obesity. Indeed, obesity is rising faster than undernutrition is declining. Addressing the challenge of ensuring equitable distribution of food and access to healthy diets will require integrated strategies to influence all parts of the food system. The Regional Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System for Asia (ReSAKSS-Asia) facilitated by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), the Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development (MIID) are organizing an international conference entitled “Evolving Agrifood Systems in Asia: Achieving food and nutrition security by 2030” with the financial support of USAID. The primary objective of the conference is to share knowledge and evidence to guide policymakers and other key actors in designing and implementing effective agrifood system policies to support healthier diets and optimal nutrition.


The conference will address three integrated themes. Theme 1 focuses on food system processes and value chains for nutritious foods including policies that can incentivize and support them such as investment in infrastructure and public services, research and technology development, markets, and public and private partnerships. With food systems transformation and rapid urbanization, new actors and technologies are quickly being introduced into the agrifood system, the existent institutions and governance mechanisms may not meet the concerns of food system actors. Therefore, theme 2 focuses on the food environment and the need for institutional and governance innovation in the food system.  It will also examine country experiences in addressing SDG 2 focusing on policy formulation and implementation, cross sector coordination, and successful program interventions. Theme 3 will focus on the consumer by looking at the heterogeneity of dietary transformation across the region and within countries (rural vs urban) and the major drivers of food choices including preferences, affordability, health and nutrition knowledge.

The conference will be held at the Hotel Chatrium in Yangon, Myanmar on October 30th and 31st with an optional field trip on November 1st. To register for the conference, please complete the form found here.


Download the announcement flyer.