ReSAKSS-Asia Map Tool



Through its user-friendly interface, the interactive ReSAKSS-Asia Map Tool allows users to track and monitor the overall performances of Asian countries, and it provides detailed information about a diversity of indicators that cover:

  • Economic Trends
  • Malnutrition and Poverty
  • Agriculture and Food
  • Investments and Policy Commitments
  • Trade

The aim of the tool is to promote evidence-based decision making by improving and facilitating the communication and interpretation of information, by providing: (i) attractive interactive visualizations which facilitate the interpretation of information, (ii) a user friendly interface that is accessible also to non-technical users, (iii) automated data visualization (including the processes of merging and synchronizing data from different sources), and (iv) an easy to disseminate software system which can enable anyone to explore and create data visualizations - regardless of technical skills, availability of Internet connectivity, and computer hardware or software.

Download the User Guide. 

See the indicator list and source.


Disclaimer: The boundaries and names shown and designations used on this map tool are for illustration only and do not imply official endorsement by ReSAKSS-Asia.

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